Day 15 – Make me a news anchor!

If you’re dreaming of becoming a news anchor, I have the perfect project for you!

Inspired by JD, I wanted to make her teleprompter project. Initially I had no idea how to do this project, but after a talk with the BF it actually seemed pretty doable.

PS: As I am 14 days behind on my 100 day project (due to having to get used to actually working again), I have decided that I am probably not going to catch up the days. So I will just continue from now and be done a bit later than hoped.

Become a news anchor now!

This project taught me:

  • I used the textarea element for the first time ever. I have only used the input element, and the difference is, that the textarea can hold more than one line of text, the input text cannot. Also I love the placeholder text-option. I love to come up with non-standard stuff to write there. I know it’s stupid, but it’s a small fun thing to do to make a project more personal.
  • As a default the line breaks did not register when the teleprompter started, so I replaced the line breaks (written like this “/\n/g”) with a break tag.
  • I found out that to animate the new element created in jQuery (id = textinput) I had to use .find and after that make the .animation.
  • Also I hadn’t realised (or forgotten maybe) that the tags you want to animate has to be in curly brackets {}. I hadn’t realised that to begin with.-

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