Day 14 – Luck on the slot?

A talk with the BF about what projects I could do. He came up with the idea of a slot machine. I thought it was really funny, and we started talking about how you could solve that “problem” with the blinking or rotating elements. And this is where I had one of my first feelings of “being a programmer, in the mind”. While my BF talked about doing it by moving the x or y position of the element, I thought “why not just do it with an array and make them blink, like with the junk food project?”.

So this is the finished project, as with all the other projects, I could have done several more functionalities, but the most important functionalities are there, and that’s what’s most important.

Try your luck!

What did I learn?

  • I used the lock variable again (like I did in the junk food project) to make sure that the timeouts didn’t mess up.
  • Again, the elements of this projects are not new to me, but I feel like I still learn something new, even if the project is quite similar to another project.

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