Day 27 – Tic, tac, toe

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This is one of the first projects I have made, with my BF in a more “teacher”-like situation.

Earlier in June, we went to London for some days on a little vacation. The weather was classic English, meaning rain, rain and occasionally some more rain. On our last day, we went in to a pub to hide from the before-mentioned rain, and I convinced my BF to play chess. I am by no means a chess-player. I have always avoided it, thinking it had too many rules and was way to tactically complex for me. Let’s just say I lost 4 times, out of 4 games. So I have yet to concur the world of chess.

Coming home we talked about doing a two player chess game as a project for my 100 days, but the BF felt it would be too much. “Let’s just start with a tic, tac, toe-game”, he said, “it will be much easier”, he said… He was wrong.

I guess it was more simple than making a chess-game, but it was not simple by no means. I have never thought of all the “rules” that goes into a tic, tac, toe game. Jeez… So now I am even more terrified about doing the chess-game, but hopefully I will get there some day, some how.

Here’s what I learned:

  • To work a lot with .draggable() and .droppable()!
  • That a simple game of tic, tac, toe is way more complicated than it seems. All the small rules gave some challenges, for example when a piece has been placed and then moved, it has to be possible to place another piece in that same location. At first we had no idea, but in the end it was a very simple solution. My point is, on a computer, you have to take E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G in to account. It took us a few nights to get this working perfectly or close to perfect, but we did it! Next game: a chess game! Arrrgghh I’m already scared!


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