Day 16 – Labyrinth

Okay, so this project has been some days in the making. Guilty!

I started this project maybe a week ago, and the whole labyrinth design thing took a tole on me, so I put it to the side while I was getting in the job grove, but now I decided to finish it!

Essentially this is just a labyrinth game. I found a labyrinth online and used the design. The game is to bring the umbrella (which is the cursor) through the labyrinth to the rain. Give the umbrella some purpose!

Of course, if you hit the walls, you will have to start over, and if you make it through you get a cupcake! Virtual one though, so you don’t risk the dangerous calories.

Help the umbrella get to the rain!

What did this project teach me:

  • Even though I have tried all the elements of this project before (I feel like I am starting to write this on all the projects), it was actually a small challenge to figure out how to build the labyrinth.
  • The “walls” are build using divs, I have used hover-effects to control if the user touches the walls, and to register if they have started and completed the labyrinth.
  • The coolest thing is the umbrella cursor, I have to say! I love it! That is actually something new that I have never tried, but I think that is such a cute way of doing it!
  • The user has to place the cursor over the transparent start-div in order to make the walls “poison” and when the user gets through and hovers over the transparent rain-div it goes to the congratulation-div.

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