Day 30 – Bootstrap is made for walking

Go to project: Bootstrap is made for walking

Okay so this is my (bad) humor showing it’s face. But honestly it was the first I thought about when I heard the name “bootstrap”. *singing* ‘My bootstrap is made for walking, and that’s just way it’ll do! One of these this bootstrap is gonna walk all over you… Keep walking!’ *singing*

So, my masterplan with this project, is to become good enough to find a job as a genuine programmer. As you might also know, Bootstrap is very popular. Already in January, when I started this journey to programming, I had heard of Bootstrap and knew that I wanted to learn something about it. Even though I didn’t really know what it actually was. Haha.

I found a great tutorial on Youtube, and I simply followed him. Therefore I cannot brag about this being my design or idea or anything. But I wanted to put it in this project even after all, because this project is also about remembering my progress and where and how I got to the end goal (the magical job!).

Click here to go to the Youtube tutorial. 

Very educational tutorial:

  • I could go on and on but the thing the tutorial-guy said most was: Bootstrap is all about classes! And remembering what the various classes should be called to work. This will definitely take a lot of practice, but I feel confident that I could – relatively easily – make a Bootstrap website now.
  • However, I feel like using Bootstrap is for a very specific “look”, and that will definitely not suit all projects or customers. In some ways it’s more restricting than helping, but if you are going for the Boostrap “look” then it’s completely awesome!
  • The DIVS. Ohhh alll the divs!! Oh man..

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