I joined GitHub!


Yes I am now officially a GitHubber, which probably is not a thing. But it is in my world!

A big reason for doing this project, is to make me ready to actually be hired as a programmer (I know, it sounds ridiculous in my ears as well!), and a big part of actually working as a programmer is to use the right tools to get the job done, right?!

So I have been using the Atom (which is a code editor) and I love it! But as I start developing more complex projects, I wanted to become familiar with version control, aka. Git. So I signed up for GitHub and I installed GitHub Desktop.

If you want to get a peek behind the scenes of this project, or maybe even use my code for something (which would be über cool!) please follow me (is that even what it’s called on GitHub?)!

GitHub profile: Katrine Gitz


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