Day 19 – Keep it straight

Another day, another JD project 😉 I found this game on her page, and its fun and really hard! So of course I had to do it. After my labyrinth game the other day, I understood the mechanics (and tried out my new approach; start with HTML and hooking up the buttons) and thank god for that! But but but, it was actually some difficulty in figuring out when you had completed a level (mouse had to have entered red, not exited white, and also entered blue) and when it failed. And the resetting, ohh the constant resetting, haha!

See if you can keep it straight!

Todays lessons:

  • I was relieved when I realised that it was actually quite similar to my labyrinth game, but kinda frustrated in the end, and had to get help from the BF to figure all the false/true variables and resetting and and and….
  • I actually realised AT THE BEGINNING that this was a case of show/hide (again) so I did the HTML correctly from the start, instead of having to go back and fix it later. Well it only took me several days to figure that one out! Maybe I’ll still remember it next time?
  • Still love the show/hide, omg, how easy..
  • Was kinda blank on how to find a way to get the function to go to the next level number without having to do 5 functions, but again, the BF to the rescue, and I made a variable with the level-number and put it into another variable with a string that would be the class name for the next level. That was clever.
  • Tried an “else if” statement and a mouseleave! Have not made those little babies before. Check!

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