Day 8 – Donut truck and a set-back

So day 8 and I decided that I wanted to work on my project for the day on my own, meaning no help from the boyfriend or JD (that’s Jennifer Dewalt if you didn’t know).

As mentioned I get a sort of anxiety when working on programming (not HTML/CSS, but “real” programming aka. JavaScript) on my own. I think it’s a combination of being really bad at handling the fact that I have to practise and that it doesn’t come naturally to me and the fact that I have never kept practising at something I find this difficult for this long. Did that even make sense? Point is: I suck at practising and I normally quit if I don’t understand it right away or if it seems too hard. Yeah I know, I’m revealing all my dirty little secrets.

Anyyyyywayyy, the outcome was a minor (read: mayor) meltdown, ending in complete disbelieve in this project and that I will actually become a programmer one day. I had to realise that if I don’t get any help, I will have to scale down my ambitions and be okay with doing some really basic stuff to begin with.

That ended up in a REALLY simple jQuery animation of the cutest donut truck (not my design) “driving” over the screen and with a speech bubble in CSS (found here among other really cool speech bubbles in pure CSS) popping up at the end of the “drive”.

You wanna see my truck? Here ya go!

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 16.32.51

What I learned including meltdown:

  • How to use the jQuery .animation function. I have experienced the animation part of JavaScript before when I did Khan Academy’s Computer Programming course, but they had their own function called .draw and it works a bit differently.
  • That no matter how badly I wish I was ready to work as a REAL programmer, I’m not ready yet. And it will take time. I realised that I think I have programmed more than I actually have, but that will hopefully change during this 100 day project.
  • That I have to find a better way to deal with my fear of failure. Because having a meltdown is far from productive (duh!) and that won’t get me closer to my goal.

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