Day 7 – Hidden message

So today was food prep day at my house, which means not much time for programming + still feeling a bit under the weather (coughing, snotting etc.) so I was so ready for a super easy project today! And this is where the Hidden Message project came in to the picture. I loved JDs (that’s my new nickname for Jennifer Dewalt) take on the project, and I am very embarrassed to admit that I kinda stole the idea and the font and most of the css from her! OMG, I feel really guilty. It’s not that I didn’t understand how to do it, I think the sickness combined with tiredness combined with a lot of nerves about maybe going back to work tomorrow, made me reach for the easy solution.

Obviously I chose a different quote and that proved to be difficult enough. Let me just say, the HTML looks weird and it does not make sense why it works completely, but it does.

Find out what the hidden message is here.

So besides learning how to copy JD, what did I learn today:

  • Kinda how to use   (meaning: No Break Space).
  • That even if something seems simple and pure HTML/CSS it’s not, when you’re tired and a bit sick (ok, I know I’ve mentioned being sick a lot).
  • That I don’t feel like it’s “worth it” reusing (fancy word for copying) some CSS, that I easily could have managed to figure out myself. Sorry JD, I promise to make you proud in the future!

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