Day 5 – Magic 8 balls and sickness

So not a lot of days have passed of my 100 day project and I’m behind again… I was feeling really sick and heavy-headed (is that a real word?) and I kept postponing, until we drove to my parents house, and I didn’t prioritise doing my project 😦

And today we have been on the road with my parents and sister, visiting my brother in Århus. We came home around 18:00, and I really wanted to do my project for yesterday (day 5), so here it is! A magic 8 ball. Again, the boyfriend and Jennifer Dewalt (have to figure out some kind of nickname for her) is to credit for the idea, and a bit of help with execution.

Try out the magic 8 ball now!

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 21.40.10

So todays lessons were:

  • I did all the circles and the triangle with CSS – it’s pretty nice and easy to do!
  • Had some problems with the triangle because I used overflow: hidden because I wanted to hide the corners. A scrollbar appeared, and I simply didn’t have the mental energy to figure out what to do about it, so I made it smaller. Yep, no perfection here, but I am pretty happy about it still.
  • Using the Math.random function again combined with the ‘getRandomIntInclusive’ function (found online). Because: When you just use math.random, the numbers are with a lot of decimals, and when you use the other function you get numbers without decimals, which you need when getting strings out of an array (wow, did that make any sense to any one else but me?! Probably not)

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