Day 3 – Mad for Mad Lips

My boyfriend encouraged me to do this Mad Lip project, and I’m so happy he did! This also marks the first day in this 100 day project that I have actually PROGRAMMED (using JavaScript including jQuery)! Yay!

And yes, I felt as frustrated as I always do, so I had to have to support from before mentioned boyfriend and some deep breaths. But we got through it!

Go get Maaaad with Mad Lips now!

I love the emoticons on the startpage and the overall simplicity of the design (heart eyed emoji).

I would like to have had time to:

  • Make a cheat sheet – aka. “what is a pronoun?” (this can be tricky especially when English is not your first language)
  • Fix so that it automatically changed to a capital letter if the word starts the sentence.

But overall I’m super happy with this game!

Today I’ve learned:

  • I am more comfortable with styling input forms and the BF (boyfriend) gave a great tip to make sure all the input boxes aligned right under each other by adding a <span> class to the list element name.
  • Still having a hard time understanding the f**king for loop and when to use variables. But that’s why I’m doing this project. In 97 days, I hope that it will be 2nd nature for me.
  • That I definitely need to do a project with emojis – they are too cute!
  • I want to use the .show and .hidden from jQuery some more in coming projects, it’s cool (that’s maybe the saddest I’ve ever said)

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