Day 2 – up and running!

Okay, back on track with a finished day 2 project – peeewww!! (wiping off sweat)

Today I got inspired by Jennifer Dewalts day 2 project, which is a game that might end up in flames or with a cute video.

Instead of describing the game, here is the link (coming soon), so you can try it yourself. And yes, it is supposed to be silly and make no sense what so ever.

See for yourself if you are boring or reeeeal dumb!

What new did I learn today:

  • Used z-index for the first time – and Google Maps uses it, so it must be cool!
  • Used this shadow generator for the first time making my buttons more cool in a 2D kinda way.
  • Got a refresh on how to embed video, which is ridiculously easy.


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