Day 1 and already behind ..!

So I started the homepage project yesterday (also known as the official day 1), buuuuut then stuff happened (a long phone talk with a great friend and a pretty long one with my sister as well), and I ended up going to bed instead of finishing it. Bummer.

Skip to today (officially day 2), and it’s finished! This is not at all the first website I have made, but it still took a lot longer than first anticipated.

It’s made using only HTML and CSS. I probably could have made it more fancy with some animations or effects in CSS or JavaScript, but I still have 99 days and I’m preeetty sure that I will be using a lot of transitions and animations in my future projects.

So for now this is it! Go check it out.

I did want to mention that I have used the Flexbox Layout module to layout the items on this page. I really recommend people using it! It super easy and logical and you can learn the basics using this tutorial where you layout frogs. This tutorial is also the reason for me calling it Flexbox Frog every time I talk about it. Which is kind of weird, but whatever.

Do what did I learn today:

  • I was reminded that even if you think you are tagging the right element, and that it should work, it’s a good idea to inspect the element to see what tag is ACTUALLY the most important one. (Had a little hickup with a font color that did want to change to white, but I figured it out – yay me!)
  • That I should not be copying any code into a new subpage (like the about page) before making sure that I am not going to make any changes to the homepage.
  • Also that if I am going to repeat code, don’t write dummy text that is annoying to correct 100 times.. Just write something relevant and THEN copy it 100 times.
  • That it feels awesome to finish something this quickly (yes, I know, technically two days used, but it doesn’t count. My project, my rules haha!)