The ‘rules’ for 100 days of programming

So welcome to my blog about my project 100 days of programming! I will share every day of this challenge, and probably I will be the only one reading this, but thats fiiiiine, I’m doing this for my own sake. Let’s get going …

The rules for this 100 day challenge is as follows:

  • Build something using some sort of programming language. This will probably start out with JavaScript and HTML/CSS, but maybe I will be taking on another language if I have the time.
  • Whatever I start building must be completed before bed time every day! No 2 day projects or one week projects this time around. This is about turning out as much code as possible in 100 days.
  • Getting used to building things smarter using frameworks and libraries. Have started learning jQuery, but definitely have to dig into Bootstrap and others like that.
  • I can use tutorials as projects, if it’s something completely new, BUT I should put some sort of spin on it, to make it my own.
  • Write a blog post everyday about the project I did that day, and add a screen shot of the finished product.
  • When the challenge is finished, I want to make a really cool website that beautifully display all the projects!

Conditions for completing this challenge:

  • I will be starting to work as a temp, so the projects will have to be scaled to fit how many hours in a day I have available. The hours for programming will be different each day, as I never know how many hours I will be working.
  • Unlike lots of other people doing a challenge similar to this one, I am not starting from scratch. I already have a pretty good understanding and experience with HTML and CSS markup and I have been digging into JavaScript for some months now. This challenge is to “force” me to code something every day, and thereby speeding up learning process.
  • My hope is that this challenge will improve my chances for getting a programming job. I don’t have any work experience as a programmer (except a few small projects and a website for my mom – pretty sure that doesn’t count haha). I need something to show a potential work employer, and this is a good place to start I think.

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